15. desember: Helen Guri


Det er advent og eg har lyst til å lage ein litterær adventskalender i år. Kvar dag, fram til 24. desember, vil eg presentere ein forfattar, ein kort tekst eller eit sitat som kanskje kan vere av interesse for fleire enn meg.

Helen Guri er en canadisk diktar, som har vunne fleire prisar for debutsamlinga si, Match.

Two whatsits cheek by jowl in a kitchen.
She slumped over the bunion of the tuber.
As if the snow globe of the world shook
and they collided, an unlikely set –
Barbie and her jowly pug, heroine and sidekick,
kid at Christmas cradling her rare
albino coal, Madonna and infant
of an irradiated cosmos, shiny as ash.
But it was getting on supper hour.
I cooked romantically – you can guess who lost out.
I cleaned a dozen gleaming sockets
with my peeler’s plover end,
an eye, an eye, an eye.
In time a broom swept through, filtering
the little glints of sight from the tile.
Who knows what anyone sees in anything?

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